Sunday, August 22, 2010

Please spread the ews about this Fake Guru Natrajan.

He is Bloody Conman..spread the news actively so he stop conning people.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet Trickster's poses to be Guru/Astrologer

Dear Readers, This guy appears in popular Magzine named "STAR TELLER" EXpress which is very good for knwoledge & this magzine claims no reponsibility of what people claims to pose powers or "Shakti" etc.
I am Businessman & did lots of research on Occultism,Astrology etc.
Motive of this site is to expose Fraud/Fake Guru's Tricks & make public aware.
Now come to this above Photo of so called "MR..oh no he will be angry if i call him MR..mind you call him GURUJI.Offcourse sir we will call you Guruji because you are Guru in conning innocent but Rich people.
OK his trick works?
Lets say you rang him up for Instant solution for your will be asked your profession.If you happen to be a middle class poor wont get any response from him.
And if you happen to be Business tycoon or doctor or somebody Goverment figure then you are guess why?
Yes, intellegent readers ..He entertains not only for money but for Publicity.
Logically when you are Businessman/Doctor/Professor means you already doing well in life,that means your luck was Good & you start facing problem due to planet position which normally last 1 month/3 months/6month/year or 2/12 year if happen to be Saturn.
This so called A.P Guru Natrajan who is self claimed Guru without any Siddhi's is quite Good in studying the birth chart & see the aspects of Planets.He will then tell you that he is very busy to take your case & can only give you treatment after 3 months/6 months etc.Guess why he say so?
Simply because your planet position will start changing in 3 months time.He will then do a Pooja in Chennai in Godess lakshmi temple for his cheap Publicity & donate food etc & organise homam/etc for his popularity in Public & his community.
Remeber this Old man is very tricky,egosih & damn smart to talk to you.He knows very how to deal with people & physco them.
His Remedy is the same Yantra pooja which anyone can perform & in old text written if someone lights Pure Ghee lamp in Mahalakshmi temple for 43 days/90 days will get blessing and "ASHTHA LASKHMI" can bless you will all sort of comforts etc.There is a properway of worship.Not to forget when you pray ordinarily going to temple eveyday would not solve your problem because prayers are your duty.Pooja is Devotion but to appease Dieties has special ways.
What happend to me i tell you a incident with this oldman.
I tried to take remedy form him & i was informed he can only give treatment after 2 months.
I cracked my head & visitied a Professor who also practise KP system of Astrology.He then study & shown me "GAJA KESRI YOGA" forming in my Chart within 2 months of time.
Imagine how tricky this old man is he takes you money & get Name too.And educated people like doctors sending testimonials in magzine what a Shame being a Doctor.Guys i catch up with Wealth without this GURU Natrajan Remedy.It is your pure Luck which helps you out.
This Guru is a Nice actor too ..a lady from overseas who visited him is in more deep problem after taking his remedy.She spend 40 thousand Indian Rupees & got into deep shit trusting this Guru.
Well you see guys this Guru if he knows his Destiny/Fate that he will be exposed he would have done something miracle like he claims in 2006 magzine he can change the fate of Nation's.Ask him to stop Tsunami & earth Quake. why dint he helped when cyclone came?Oh i know now you will say it was God wish. I may ask you back then why are you mingleing with God's wish?
what a Joke.
In 2007 magzine he claims that he can change sadesati pereiod into Good & kaal sarpa dosam to be good.hello Natrajan i openly challenge you to make predictions. take example of Saddam Hussein Kundli or Indra gandhi chart.During Sadesati she became Prime Minsiter.
This Natrajan received hundred of cases after he publish he can change destiny.He then writes next month that he cannot treat anyone..guess why?
He have seen the person brith chart is very bad & nothing can be dine,he has to suffer so now he change his TUNE "DEVATA" not acceot his name.What a joke?When world is made by God & if this Natrajan is truely communicating with Dieties then why is he charging money to Public.
This month october 2009.Punjabi from Phillipines become his Victim.What a Shame..
Guys Saturn dosent cause problem to everyone.What a Pity Natrajan !!!!.wakeup man.
You are Exposed now..close your shop & find some other trick to fool public.Remember what is said "LAKSHMI DOSENT RESIDE WITH EGOISH"
I will expose another culprit so called self claimed YOGI "SIDDHAR VIJAYA KUMAR" from salem in coming thread.Sametime this Blog will give you free remedies for your problems.
A selfposed Mahatma from Bombay a Thug of Bombay named "PAPA KHAKANI"
Another lal kitab Astrologer from Punjab named VIPIN SHUKLA who is also a professor & likes to praise himself & also like to be praised>he wants money & fame together.More coming up keep following.
This site will also advise you remedies for free you can post yor date/time/place of birth.